Land Use and Construction Support /
Natural Resource Inventory Report


The purpose of the NRI report is to provide officials of the local governing body and other decision-makers with natural resource information. This information may be useful when undertaking land use decisions concerning variations, amendments or relief of local zoning ordinances, proposed subdivision of vacant or agricultural lands and the subsequent development of these lands. This report is a requirement under Section 22.02a of the Illinois Soil and Water Conservation District’s Act.

NRI reports contain a description of the present site conditions, the present resources, and the potential impacts that the proposed change may have on the site and its resources. The natural resource information is gathered from standardized data, on-site investigations and information furnished by the petitioner.

This report, when used properly, will provide the basis for proper land use change decisions and development while protecting the natural resource base of the county. It should not be used in place of detailed environmental and/or engineering studies that are warranted under most circumstances, but in conjunction with those studies.

NRI’s can be ordered by completing an application and submitting it to the SWCD in the corresponding county.

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