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Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

$ 62.00

Aunt Molly's Rain Barrels

*A simple, low-cost method for homeowners to collect & re-cycle rain water.

*Collecting mineral rich, chlorine free rain that falls on your roof will improve your garden, houseplants and reduce your water bill!

*Collecting rain in Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels reduces stormwater runoff and can have a dramatic impact on water quality in our rivers and streams and will help reduce flooding.

*Our Rain Barrels are sealed - safe around children and insect resistant.

*A hose spigot on the front makes the captured rain water available and convenient.

*The 55 gallon barrel will fill with less than 1/10" rainfall draining from a 1000 square foot surface (roof)

*The barrels have a twist off lid for easy cleaning.

*Optional downspout Diverter Kits are also available to protect your landscape/foundation from overflow.

Rain Barrels come in Terra Cotta and Black and can be picked up Monday thru Friday, 8-4:30 pm~ Contact the SWCD at (815)462-3106 ext. 3 for more information.