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Water Analysis Kit

Water Analysis Kit

$ 35.00

Have you ever tested your drinking water?  If your drinking water does not come from a public water system, or you get your dirinking water from a well, you alone are responsible for assuring that it is safe.

The USEPA reccomends testing well water for coliform bacteria every year.  

PurTest Home Water Analysis Test Kits includes a simple test for coliform bacteria as well as 10 other water quality tests.  It comes complete with a  6-page basic water knowledge book and a results sheet.

PurTest Home Water Analysis Test Kits are fast, easy to use, and accurate.  You get instant test results on site!

The kit contains:1 test each; Bacteria, Pesticides and Lead and 2 tests each; Nitrates, Nitrites, Hardness, Iron, Chlorine, Copper, Alkalinity and pH.

The PurTest Home Water Analysis kit can be purchased for $35, from the SWCD office.  A shipping and handling charge will be added for mail orders.

Pick one up or call the SWCD at (815) 462-3106 ext. 3 to order one today!